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how to say in saudi dialect

are you free right now, can i talk to you?
do remember, dont forget.
such a boring person she is.
turn on/off the light.

translation needed in Arabic AAMMYAH Saudi dialect.

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    عندك وقت = it's used mostly to ask if they're free and available
    ممكن نتكلم = can we talk?
    اتذكري/ اتذكر= do remember
    لا تنسى/لا تنسي = Don't forget
    I don't know the dialect for ''such a boring person'' ..
    :( سد الضوة/ سدي الضوة = turn off the light

    I'm not Saudi, but i assume these are the right ones they use.

    In Saudi there is more than one dialect , but if you want the dialect of Riyadh its :-
    For males :
    1- ENT FADHI ALHEEN AGDAR ATKALLAM MA'AK ? , (إنت فاضي الحين ؟ ، أقدر أتكلم معك ؟)
    2- ETZAKKAR , LA TENSA (إتذكر ، لا تنسى)
    3- i didnt know it clearly but i will say it in my way , YAKHY MARRAH TETAFFISH (ENG : dude , she's so boring / ARB : ياخي مرة تطفش)
    4- WALLE' ~or SHAGHEL~ AL-LAMBA {on} , TAFFY ~or SOK~ AL-LAMBA {off} .. (ولّع -شغّل- اللمبة "on" / طفّي -صُكْ- اللمبة "off")
    Feel free to ask more questions about Arabic :)

    Oh i forgot Females !
    1-ENTI FADHIA ALHEEN , AGDAR ATKALLAM MA'AKI ? (إنتِ فاضية ؟ أقدر أتكلم معاكي)
    2- ETZAKKARI , LA TENSEEN (اتذكّري ، لا تنسين)
    3- I also say YAKHY (dude) for girls but .. i think you don't have to say it xD
    4- WALLE'Y -or SHAGHELY- AL-LAMBA {on} , TAFFY -or SOKKI- AL-LAMBA {off} (ولّعي -شغّلي- اللمبة "on" / طفّي -صكٌي- اللمبة "off")

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