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"My name is Melanie" in korean?


I have problems finding the right many....
naeui ileumeun Melanie ibnida.
naui ileumeun Melanieya.
je ireumeun Melanie imnida
nae irumeun Melanie ibnida.
nae irumeun Melanie iya
Je ireum Melanie imnida
...So how do i really say it? and in formal and informal? is it different words for different situations?

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    When you meet your friend or younger than you, you can say " 내 이름은 Melanie 야" or "나의 이름은 Melanie 이야"
    "내" is contraction of "나의". Also "야" is contraction of "이야".
    When you meet person who older than you, You have to say , " 제 이름은 Melanie 입니다" It is formal expression.

    The most common way to say it is Je ireumeun (your name) imnida (제이름은 ...입니다)

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