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When do you use "meinem" instead of "mein/ meine"?

the question is really self-explanatory. This is for German, by the way.

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    for neuter i think, correct?

    What the second poster said! It's used in the dative case. My German teacher explained it as whenever you're doing something to/for someone. Like "to/for my father" is "meinem Vater". It's a bit confusing and I'm just learning it myself, haha. There's also certain verbs that you always use the dative case with. I believe some of those are hilfen and glauben.

    German has 4 cases: Nominativ, Akkusativ, Dativ and Gentitiv. If you don't know what it is, you should search for lessons about these.

    Meinem is Dativ form of mein/meine used for Masculine and Neutral.
    Ex: Ich gehe ins Kino mit meinem Freund (Mit+ Dativ)
    Ich schenke meinem Vater ein Buch/ Der Junge gibt dem Mädchen viele Blumen (Structure: Subject does sth for somebody)

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