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你好, 我需要帮忙的语法。



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    It appears that you would like to say "I went to the grocery store to buy something today." If so, the most colloquial way to say it in Chinese is to say "今天我去杂货店买(了)东西." Unlike in English, putting the time something was accomplished at the end of the sentence sounds very odd in Chinese. Also, it is not always necessary to add the particle 了to indicate the past tense.

    今天我去杂货店买东西了 or 我今天去了杂货店购物。It's strange to say "购物了"。We don't put "今天" on the end. Someone + do + something is the ordinary way.

    今天我去了杂货店购物 oder 我今天去了杂货店购物

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