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I have an interesting question is about "photos" and "tomatoes"

How can You explain this question : why do "photo"+s and "tomato"+es?
I want to know English speakers' answers

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    The sooner you accept that English spelling doesn't make sense, the happier you'll be ;-)

    Nouns on -o form the plural by adding -s or -es.

    add -s substitute with -ves
    singular plural singular plural
    a disco two discos a tomato two tomatoes
    a piano two pianos a potato two potatoes
    a photo two photos a hero two heroes
    Some nouns can have two plural forms:

    buffalo - buffalos/buffaloes
    mosquito - mosquitos/mosquitoes
    tornado - tornados/tornadoes

    There is no rule when to use -s or -es. We often add -s with technical words.

    The first person to answer was correct. Some words in English really make no sense and there's no reason for them to be spelled that way. Us native speakers don't get it sometimes either... haha.

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