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How does one know whether to use the "Verb-Subject" structure or the "Subject-Verb" structure?

For example:
"Idag ska vi titta på naturen.
I saw this sentence in something I was reading, and I've seen the "Verb-Subject" form used by native speakers as well. However, I thought this form was only used when asking a question. Can someone explain when it's appropriate to use subject then verb (ex: Jag se en hund) vs. verb then subject (ex: Se jag en hund). Tack!

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    Nota bene: "Jag ser en hund" and "Ser jag en hund?"

    Adverbs modifying the first verb in the sentence, such as "idag", is placed before it. Read this carefully [].

    A TL;DR-answer to the issue of 'why isn't it a question when a adverb(s)[some categories of]+verb is first in the sentence?' is: Questions doesn't have any adverbs placed before the verb.

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