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How can I say Korean ,,,, hellllp

Help me

1: I want your friend's phone number
2: I want min-wook phone number
3: Please, I need him .. I can't be clam
4: sent his number in direct message ----->> (I mean direct message in twitter you know that right? )
5: I know you know his number
6: can I ask you ?

These sentences translated into Korean ... dont use google translate ..

Thank you

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    1. 반말= (니/네 or omitted) 친구의 전화번호 뭐?
    존댓말= 당신의 친구의 전화번호를 무엇습니까?
    존댓말 (more familiar)= (너의/네 or omitted) 친구의 전화번호를 뭐예요?

    I don't want to say anymore because I'm not sure. Korean is not my first language so these might not be 100% natural.

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