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A railway bridge is already ____ over the river.

A. in construction
B. been erected
C. being built
D. erecting

Note: Is the answer C?

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    B.) is wrong. That would be a mix of tenses: "is" and "been erected".

    D.) is wrong. A bridge can't erect itself. It has to be erected. So it could be "being erected".

    A.) is kind of correct. But we always say "under construction", not "in construction".

    C.) is correct.

    I agree with Kevin. Both A and C are fine. I would give C 100 points and A 99 points - that is how close I feel they are in terms of acceptability. I personally prefer the expression "under construction." Perhaps that is why I would give C a slight edge over A. Nevertheless, I do not think any native speaker of English would challenge A as a perfectly good answer in this sentence.

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