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Arab friends! How do I say "It's great to meet u" & "Do u speak English? I know very little Arabic"

Hey everyone! I am experimenting with this "Ask a Question" part of italki. Hopefully people would be able to not only translate my questions using Arabic words, but also transliterating it using English letters so I know how to actually pronounce the words. Example: Shukran = Thank you or Thanks. English letters used to say a word in Arabic.

All the best!

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    Do you speak English ? = hal tatakallm al engliziah ?


    -it's great to meet you = kan mn aljayd maerfatoka (كان من الجيد معرفتك) or forsa saeda (فرصة سعيدة)
    the first one mean it was good to know you
    and the second one mean it was a good chance that I met you.

    -do you speak English? =hal tatahadath al englizyah (هل تتحدث الانكليزية؟؟)

    Egyptian arabic :D
    ana farhan gedan eny aabeltak = I'm really happy to meet you
    ana farhan gedan eny shoftak = I'm really happy to see you

    Hal tatakalam el-englezia ?= do you speak english ?

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