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What are culturally acceptable names to call people of both genders? Ex. in English = buddy, friend.

Trying to learn more about some cultural things that happen daily in the Arab world!

What do people call the one they love? What about close friends? Strangers who you just met? Mom and Dad, brothers, sisters? Those kinds of things!

You are all great,

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    For friend you can use : sahby (صاحبي) and sadeky (صديقي)
    to the GF or BF and love words : habeby (حبيبي) for male (you also sometimes can tell it for a girl)
    and for female habebaty (حبيبتي) you also can use omry (عمري)
    that's mean the one who you loved is your life and this word for both males and females
    for strangers who you met recently you can say : ya akh (يا أخ) for male and ya akht (يا أخت ) for female
    for mom you can say : Mama (ماما) like all languages and you also can say omy (أمي)
    for dad you can say : baba (بابا) and you can say aby (ابي)
    for brother you can say : akhy (أخي)
    and for sisters you can say : akhty (ختي)

    all these words are in my area (Syria Homs city) so there're common here and not common in other places (not all of them).
    I hope that my answer was good
    and if you have any comment on this answer just tell me.

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