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What's the most beautiful language do you think is?

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    Swedish and Finnish

    Russian and Italian

    Spanish for me. Generally beautiful language the meaning of which we do not understand.

    There are more than 6,000 languages spoken in today's world, and it would seem to me that before any person could say that this or that language is the most beautiful, he or she would have had to have heard each of the 6,000+ languages spoken.

    However, of the several dozen languages that I have heard spoken, I vote for the beautifully melodic Italian language.

    English, Japanese (for me )


    French has the most beautiful sounds and aesthetic forms of the words, I consider it a poetry language.

    the most FAVORITE language is LOVE
    where your lover understands everything without saying a single word
    where they cries with each other
    share there feelings
    Expressions are enough for them to speak
    True LOVE BONDS couples as not any force can break them

    This is a LANGUAGE of LOVE

    No Language, No Life !! i'd recommend Bahasa Indonesia..

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