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why do you want to learn Russian?

For learning: Russian
Base language: English
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    Well I have studied English for some years! English is OK but I would like to know another one which is totally different! Russia is a strong country and it's has a rich culture and a nice language.The economy of Russia is developing more and more! There are about 300 million total speakers of Russian in the world. Hungary is not far from Russia! Maybe I can use Russian language in real discussion. I am just a beginer.

    Russian it is a very nice language to know, and like it was said before it has a great culture heritage if only to mention Tolstoi and Dostoievsky which it is best to read in their native language. It is also good to know for business and travel or simply because it is a nearby country who must be knowed.

    I am beginning to learn Russian language for my work. It is quite uncomfortable to drive Russian tourists and not speaking the language.

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