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How long it takes to learn Chinese in just for understanding what they say and simple texts?

I wondering if anyone knows how much it takes to learn Chinese(Mandarin) to simply could listen to what they said and could read simple and plain texts.

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    If you ofen talk to a chinese ppl,may be a half of year...But just simple....

    If you learned pinyin, doing some simple exercises every day, a month can understand simple sentences.


    depends on how long you can work on this language. For being able to understand oral chinese, maybe you have to find the suitable tv or radio programms sometimes or even find the right people to talk to, since there are too many dialects around China. Even as a Chinese myself i could not understand some people and conversations from time to time, things gonna be really worse when it comes to core issues, people from the same region are more likely to talk in dialects and people from other places elsewhere in china cant get what they said...
    For being actually able to understand basic Mandarin ,i guess maybe at least one year...

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