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El voseo

I have heard that some Spanish-speakers think that using "vos" instead of "tu" can be a bit offensive. How does voseo sound to you? I'm sure if you're from Argentina, Uruguay, Costa Rica, etc. "vos" sounds completely normal. But for Colombians, Spaniards, Guatemalans, Mexicans, etc. How does "vos" sound to you guys??

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When I say "voseo", I mean for example:
"¡Vení acá!"
"Tenés que venir esta noche!"
"Qué querés?"
"Dormís todo el tiempo."

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    hello, I am Colombian and It is not offensive for us, even some Colombians use "vos", I have used "vení, querés, vos " don´t worry about it, I haven´t heard that "vos" form is offensive in any Latin American Country. You can come here and if you use "vos" form it doesn´t bothered any person. I don´t know if it is offensive in Spain.

    No. It's not offensive at all. In Spain it's used 100% of the time. But they don't use ''vos'' they used the complete word ''vosotros'' .

    EX: Vosotros sois los que vienen aquí cada día.

    It's called Castellano, but it's the same Spanish we all know. It's just other countries dont use it, but is taught on Schools, eventhough it's not used on the current country.

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