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How is the particle 보다 (rather than) used? Where do you place it in a typical sentence?

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    but yeah this is famous for comparisons, you put 보다 after noun when doing comparisons so for example "바나나는( banana) 사과보다( than apple) 더( more) 좋다( good) = Bananas are better than apples.

    보다 is also use after verbs to mean " try" for example 먹어 보다 try eating... 해 보다 = try doing... 읽어 보다 = try reading... Remember that 보다 can be conjugated into different verb forms
    here is an example sentence in everyday life conversation...
    이란( Iran) 음식 ( food) 안( not) 먹어봤는데( tried to eat), 어때요? ( how is it) = I have not tried eating Iranian food before, how is it? 우와! ( WOW) 이란음식 너무 맛있던데요 = Iranian food is vvery delicious먹어보고싶어요^^ = wow i wan't to try it

    보다 has several meanings, one meaning is for comparisons. so for example i could say 한국말 왜 이렇게 잘해? 나보다 잘해요!! which means " why is your korean so good, it's better than mine. so 나보다 잘해요 mean's better than mine.보다 comes after 나 which is I

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