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Can 'your' be left out?

Taking a walk after YOUR meal helps YOUR digestion.

I suppose that 'your' here means 'people's', so 'your' can be left out and 'helpls' should be replaced by 'improves'.
Taking a walk after meal improves digestion.

Could you please tell me what's your opinion? Thank you.

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    I think there are not any problems with your conversion.

    I think "YOUR" in sentence 1 means only for you. I think anybody who read this sentence will first think about him(her)self. But the conversion is correct.



    You actually do need it. The funny thing about nouns in English is that if you don't nail them down, they float about in a very non-committal way. This is fine if you're speaking generally but for singular countable nouns you do need an article, possessive pronoun, number, etc to "mark" it... we call these "determiners".

    "Taking a walk after meal" is so vague that the sentence is broken. "Helps" is still the better choice, but if you want a synonym it should be "assists".


    in English, we always need put a article in front of a noun. So i think we have to put the other article in front of the "meal" and the "digestion" if you don't put "your" in front of


    Taking a walk after mealS helps THE digestion - yes you can as the other response says.

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