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What is the different between ''other'' and ''else'' ???

English is difficult TT 。。。。

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    The structure of the sentences is the main difference.

    Any OTHER thing = anything ELSE
    Some OTHER thing = something ELSE
    Every OTHER thing = everything ELSE
    No OTHER thing = nothing ELSE
    Any OTHER person = anyone/anybody ELSE
    Some OTHER person = someone/somebody ELSE
    Every OTHER person = everyone/everybody ELSE
    No OTHER person = no-one/nobody ELSE
    Any OTHER place = anywhere ELSE
    Some OTHER place = somewhere ELSE
    Every OTHER place = everywhere ELSE
    No OTHER place = nowhere ELSE

    Examples: Don't you have any OTHER place to go?
    (Don't you have anywhere ELSE to go?)

    Every OTHER person has contributed to the event
    (Everyone ELSE has contributed to the event)

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