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about the use of 记得 I need help!!!!

first could you help me to translate the next sentence:


is really hard for me to understad how 记得 works in a sentence when is not follow by a suject such as 我,你,他们and so on like the next examples:

1.我记得他说的话 2. 我记得第一次 3.我记得我看过他

is easy to understand the last three sentences but not the other one. how can I translate 记得?
how can I master the use of 记得 when is not followed by a subject?

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    In fact, there do have a subject "我” but omit. Because when we say “记得” we most of the time means "I remember...", we can't enter others memory, if you want to say somebody else remember something, then you must give the clear subject. And when you omit the subject 我,the whole sentence will have a mood of recall, sometimes full of emotion.

    So the translation should be: " I remember that my mom alway bought me wheat cake when I was a child."

    And you can look the sentence structure as : 记得+time+svo(a sentence), in Chinese sentence order, "time" will before verb or sentence.
    记得昨天他和我说过这件事。-----I remember he told me this thing yesterday.

    And the "time" can also be "when something happen"


    I remember.....


    I remember

    In oral Chinese, we use 记得 to stand for "I remember" or " we remember"


    other examples

    1 走吧,太晚了【=我们走吧...】
    2 吃吧,都冷了【=你吃吧,or 你们吃吧】
    3 去上海吧,那里工作机会多【=你去上海吧 or 你们去上海吧】

    They depend who are you talking with.

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