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What do "Don" and "Doña" mean in a sentence?

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    Don is for a Mr. an Doña is for a Mrs. Don ir for a men when they are married or they are elder and Doña is the same for the women in tha same situation. I hope that is be cleare to you.


    Don means "Mr." and Doña means "Mrs." this is a formal word that is used when you want to reffer to someone who is married or elder people.

    Don: is used to reffer tomarried or elder men
    Doña: is used to reffer to married or elder women.

    Hope it helped you, have a nice day! :)

    DON and DOÑA are words that come from ancient latin "dominus" and "domina".
    dominus means "Lord" and it was used by the servants when thay talked to their lord.
    Nowadays DON and DOÑA are used in formal language to say "Mr" and "Mrs"

    when you use Don and Doña they need to be followed by the first name. It is used when you already know a person. But If its a strange person It is more common to say "Señor" "Señora" "Caballero" "Dama". When you use "Señor" "Señora" It is followed by the last name. It is only for people who are older than you. Sometimes even when they are single It is usual to say "Don" "Doña".

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