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How do you say this in Arabic?

When someone sneezes, usually another person says "bless you". Is there an equivalent to this in Arabic? And how do you say "I hope you are doing well" and "i wish you the best"
Thank you in advance.

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    It's a little bit different in arabic :) It goes this way:
    the person who sneezes starts saying "الحمد لله", means "Thanks God", pronounced "alhamdo lilah"
    then the other person says "يرحمك الله", means "God bless you", pronounced "yarhamoka allah"
    then the person who sneezes replies "يهدينا ويهديكم الله", means "May God guides us", pronounced "yahdina wa'yahdiakom allah"
    It's Muslims way and it's arabs culture too.

    The other two sentences:
    "I hope you are doing well" = "أتمنى أن تكون/تكوني بخير", pronounced "atmanna an takona/takoni bikhair" *
    "I wish you the best" = "أتمنى لك الأفضل", pronounced "atmanna laka/laki al'afdal" **
    * takona = male... takoni = female
    ** laka = male... laki = female

    Cheers :)

    For sneezing, you tell the person يرحمكم الله (it's quite a religious phrase though ..)

    I hope you are doing well: أرجو ان تكون بخير

    I wish you the best: مع اطيب التمنيات (usually said at the end of a letter/message).

    or if you just want to say "I wish you the best" without sounding like you're closing a message, you can say أتمنى لك كل خير

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