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What is the correct pattern of this sentence ??


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    upstairs answer is right. in Chinese, we put a sentence in the pattern: sb be/do sth, that is subject+predicate+object. in this sentence, 王老师 is the subject,从楼上 is the adverbial, 下来is the predicate.
    we say it 王老师从楼上下来。

    "樓上下來了王老師" 主題在於 王老師之所從來
    其結構跟以下例句相同 也是可以成立的
    1 眼前飄來了一陣霧
    2 半路殺出了一個程咬金
    3 後面追來了一隻狗
    4 ...


    upstair楼上 comes 下来了Mr. Wang 王老师.

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