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Tipping in Italy/La mancia in Italia--Quando e quanto?


Quando e quanto devo lasciare di mancia?

-at a diner
-at a restaurant
-at a bar
-taxi driver
-housekeeper in a hotel
-bellman in a hotel

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    in Italy tip is used not everywhere, depends a lot to the kind of the place.
    btw the range of the tip is about 5-15% of the total bill.
    for example in a bar, after a "caffè espresso" (remember that in italy if u ask for a coffee you will have always an espresso) someone leave 10 cents on the bar (an espresso cost 70 cents / 1 €)
    in a restaurant with a bill of 60 € for 2, you can give 5-10 € of tip.
    Of course younger people often avoid tip, and none feel obliged to do it.

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