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What would u say that time u jut see ,a friend on bed at hospital if he had an accident?

what is the first thing would u say to express ur sorrow to a friend or one u love

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    I'm sorry about your accident. I hope you get well soon. Or I hope you recover quickly.


    ألف سلامه=Alf.Salama
    "it's. similar.,to.the.first.sentence"

    انشالله تقوم بالسلامة

    Roughly means: I hope you get well

    If you're muslim or want to use islamic phrases as natives use say
    لا حول ولا قوة إلا بالله....شافاك الله وعافاك = la hawla wla kowata ella bellah...shafak allah w afak.
    If you're not muslim u can say
    ألف سلامة = alf slamah

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