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Can 입니다 be used with anything?

The reason I ask is because the two forms 이에요 and 예요 can only be used with certain words, and that depends on their ending letter, whether it is a consonant or a vowel. Is it the same with 입니다?

대단히 감사합니다!!!

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    I think that: Add 입니다 (이 + ㅂ니다) to words ending in a vowel or consonant:

    저는 의사입니다 = I am a doctor
    그 사람은 저의 형입니다 = That person is my brother

    With words ending in vowels, you can eliminate 이 and attach ㅂ니다 directly to the word, but it done in conversation, and not usually written.

    after a consonant after a vowel
    Form (Noun)이에요 (Noun)예요
    Form (Noun)입니다 (Noun)ㅂ니다

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