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Translation of two words in singular and plural form in English to Hebrew?

I am currently trying to write a fantasy book that includes the Celestial Hierarchy produced by Dionysius the Areopagite. A little more than half of the angelic Choirs are given Hebrew names such as the Seraphim and the Cherubim. This is the continuity that I would like to stick with. The original Hebrew names seem much more appropriate for the Choirs as opposed to the jarring English. There are two Choirs for which I can find no Hebrew equivalent. I assume this is due to the fact that they are not present within any Celestial Hierarchy that appears in Hebrew. These Choirs are the Powers and the Principalities. The reason that I have not used a web translation program is I fear for authenticity's sake.

Can someone please provide for me a translation of these two words into Hebrew that have a singular form as well as a plural form that ends with "im." Example: Singular - Seraph, Plural - Seraphim.

I would greatly appreciate any assistance.

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    Powers and Princips are not mentioned in the old testament and therefore have no direct hebrew equivalent. my suggestions might be close in literal meaning, but are not canonical AFAIK.

    Power/Authority: there are few hebrew synonyms, of which the only one whose plural form ends with -im is: Tokef/Tokeph.
    a more accurate english equivalent qould be "validity" (also attacker/attacking, though that's besides the point). that's the best I got, though.

    Principality (princedom) is Nesichut, pl. nesichuyot.. next.
    Prince - Nasich / Nasikh (ends with a phonetic X sound. i.e. Xalapeño)
    plural is Nesichim, so the meaning may be close enough and the sound fits.

    alternatively, Ruler (another translation of principatus) in hebrew is Shalit. pl. Shalitim

    hope it helps.

    Do you need a translation of the synonyms for angels? If so, then:
    s: מלאך = mal'ach
    אראל = er'el
    שרף = saraf
    כרוב = kruv
    p: מלאכים = mal'achim
    אראלים = er'elim
    שרפים = srafim
    כרובים = kruvim
    I hope this is what you mean.

    The Angelic Hierarchy varies from source to source...

    In the Kabbalah, Maimonides wrote the following list:

    1º Hayyoth (Living Ones) --------- The Four linving beings of the Throne
    2º Ophanim (Wheels) ------- Thrones
    3º Erelim (Braves)
    4º Hashmalim (Brilliant Ones) --------- Dominions
    5º Seraphim (Burning Ones)
    6º Malakim (Mesengers) --------- Angels
    7º Elohim (Godly Beings)
    8º Bene Elohim (Sons of God)
    9º Cherubim (Mighty Ones)
    10º Ishim (Human-like beings)

    I cant find all the all the equivalents with the greek hierarchy

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