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1. In Bible ,God creat the world and creatures,clear the land and the sea.creat men and then women from Adam .
So in this way God is the most power in the world,and above the human beings certainly .He gives them living skills ,and let them reproduce.
Theses descriptions make me believe that God is all powerful Lord,but why he can not creat a perfect world without devils?
why he can not creat men without sins? (eg.sloth,pride,greed,envy etc.)

Or Can i say that God is not all powerful,he also makes mistakes ?

2.God created the world and can punish people whenever he thinks men make a mistake,so it means that god has its rule,when men disobey it,he can punish them .
But God also makes contracts with human ,and even with the hostile tribes...why ?i mean he has power,he can do what he want ,why is there need a contract to make sure people admire him ?that is unreasonable ,right ?

Or maybe I head the wrong direction in understanding Bible ?

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    God is perfect. Everything God does serves a purpose. Your question is what is the purpose behind creating evil in the world. My answer is that the presence of evil in the world provides a challenge for humanity to be good, to reunite with God. If there was no evil in the world, humans would have no difficulty in knowing God. But because God gave us free will, we have to make the choice between following God or following evil. God wants us to make that choice. It is because there is a choice that God knows we love Him.

    I am very sure GOD makes mistakes normally and usually .That is why you need work and think harder to get more happiness even you shrine your GOD. People were born in nature unequally . The appearance is the first thing unfair .Where they were born is the second matter.who gave birth to this lovely baby is the third unfair thing.I think you would find numerous unfair matters in the rest of your life. Don't hesitate and cast any doubt , GOD is conceivable to do the wrong thing and you need to mend its flaws.

    Yes you head in wrong direction. You will spend your whole life in that book and still have nothing. Try a science book :)

    This topic has been debated by philosophers for many, many years. Only you can decide for yourself the answer here.

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