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a question about la gastronomie

Here is a sentence:

On ne sait pas ce que c'est que la gastronomie dans le monde sauf en France.

I'd like to know how to translate it into English. Besides, which role do those two “que”s play?
Thanks for your help!(^_^)

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    Hello !

    I propose this translation :

    "People in the world are ignorant of what good food really is, except in France"

    A simpler and correct way to word the sentence is :

    "On ne sait pas ce qu'est la gastronomie dans le monde, sauf en France", which, word for word, means : "one does not know this thing (ce) which (que) is good food. ..."
    That's for the first "que".

    For the second one, I would refer to the way of asking a question in French :

    "What is it ?" "Qu'est-ce que c'est ?"
    If you want to be more precise in indicating the object that you are asking about, you would say :
    "Qu'est-ce que c'est que cela?" "What is exactly this thing"
    The second "que" appears there with no more explanation than introducing the "cela".

    It's the same phenomenon in your sentence. The "que" stresses the following noun "gastronomy".

    There must be more academic explanations for this, I'm afraid!


    Je traduirais pas:
    We don't know what it's gastronomy in the world, except in France.

    If I understand your sentence ^^

    By cons someone else will explain better the presence of two "que" than me, I can just tell you that it's how we say! ^^

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