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About action verbs used as adjectives

I have a problem figuring out whether i should use a verb as a verb itself or as an adjective.

For instance, this sentence

요즘 공부하고 있는 외국어는 일본어예요

"공부하고 있는" is the present progressive of "to study", but its used as an adjective. Why? Can't i use it as a simple verb?

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    You can use it as a verb. It just means the sentence will be structured differently.

    To use it just as a verb, the sentence would be: 요즘 외국어는 일본어를 공부하고 있어요 (nowadays, I'm studying the foreign language Japanese/As for foreign languages, I'm studying Japanese these days.)

    요즘 공부하고 있는 외국어는 일본어예요 = The foreign language being studied nowadays is Japanese

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