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Please help me translate this from arabic to english?

بَيْن أَنْفَاسِي أَحْمِل أَمَانِي جَمِيْلَة ~♥
و حَنِيْن لِغَد أَرْوَع .. و قُلْب يَنْبِض بِالْأَمَل ~♥
كّل مَا أَحْلَم بِه .. سأغَلْفَه بِصِدْق نِيَّتِي ~♥
وَأَبْعَثُه بِتَرَاتِيْل دُعَاء خَفِيَّة .. رَبِّي قَد فَوَّضْت أَمْرِي إِلَيْك ~

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    I carry beautiful wishes in my breathes
    and a longing for an outstanding tomorrow ...and heart beating in hope
    all what I dream of... i will hang it in my
    then I send it in whispered recited prayers.... my god I've entrusted all my matter to you

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