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Meaning 「噛ませ」

Tell me please what is 噛ませ means in the following dialogue
Sorry for a bit of strange picture... and thank you very much for help!

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    I think this 噛ませ is a sort of role in a play. People in English speaking countries might call it “a foil” Also it's called 引き立て役 in general here. I hope this can be some sort of hint.

    補欠 means they're not regular members (=substitutes). 万年 means forever. Even if such weaker people say they are 天界最強 (=strongest), they'll end up only being foils. That's why リリス says NO to 空見 and that is obviously a foil. 空見 also admits the fact, and she says せめて…を目指そう…

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