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Old Mexico tradition?

For people in Mexico. I believe I learned in High School Spanish at one time that there used to be a cultural tradition in old Mexico where on Friday and Saturday nights young single males and girls would walk around the town square in opposite directions as a prelude to flirting, meeting , dating. I thought there was a formal name for that practice but maybe I am misremembering my High School Spanish teachings

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    Yes, meeting and dating would be the formal name for that practice. There are some places where young people still do that. Mostly in the small cities and specially in the country side.
    I live in Aguascalientes, is the smallest city of my country. Here, we celebrate each year with a big party called FERIA DE SAN MARCOS (have you heard about it?). This party takes place in downton, where the principal garden is located. Many young people meets there, following the old tradition. If you have the opportunity to visit my country, I will recomend you to visit my city. This celebration is from April 19th to May 14th. It is similar to Brazil's carnival. There are parades and you can dance and so.... You would have a really good time.
    Send you greetings.

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