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Can I generally use 의 for "noun of noun"?


의 is a possessive particle. Can it also be used to mean "something of something"? If so, can it always be used like that?

남자의 차 = man's car = car of man (I wouldn't actually say this in English, but I could)
집의 문 = house's door = door of house (again I wouldn't say this, but could)

What about...

사과들의 가방 = apples' bag (wouldn't say) = bag of apples (I would say this)
개들의 그룹 = dogs' pack (wouldn't say) = pack of dogs (would say)

Is this the right way to say "noun of noun" or is there another way?

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    '의' is used to show the relationship between two nouns like "of" in English, '의 makes the preceding noun modify the following noun.

    남자의 차 O
    집의 문 O

    사과들의 가방 X
    사과(가 들어 있는) 가방, a bag having apples. 사과 가방
    책(이 들어 있는) 가방, a bag having books. 책 가방

    개들의 그룹 O, you can say 개의 무리(a flock). 개의 떼
    한 무리의 들개가(or 들개의 한무리가) 그 양을 공격했다.
    A flock of wild dogs attacked the sheep.

    However, '의' is not a almighty super tool.

    you can refer to following link.
    this website might help you understand..

    사과들의 가방 sounds weird because it means the bag is owned by apples..
    so you should say 사과 한 봉지 (a bag of apples)

    Also, it's better to say 개떼들 instead of 개들의 그룹

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