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Can I generally use 의 for "noun of noun"?


의 is a possessive particle. Can it also be used to mean "something of something"? If so, can it always be used like that?

남자의 차 = man's car = car of man (I wouldn't actually say this in English, but I could)
집의 문 = house's door = door of house (again I wouldn't say this, but could)

What about...

사과들의 가방 = apples' bag (wouldn't say) = bag of apples (I would say this)
개들의 그룹 = dogs' pack (wouldn't say) = pack of dogs (would say)

Is this the right way to say "noun of noun" or is there another way?

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    this website might help you understand..

    사과들의 가방 sounds weird because it means the bag is owned by apples..
    so you should say 사과 한 봉지 (a bag of apples)

    Also, it's better to say 개떼들 instead of 개들의 그룹

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