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in "even wives were expendable", are these"wives" Jackie and "Lady Bird"? or someone else?

Yarborough, Gonzalez, and Teague believed themselves confirmed. Those who had deprecated them became instantaneous converts. Lyndon Johnson, almost alone, blamed international Communism. But it didn't really matter. Whoever "they" were, they could be lurking anywhere. No precautionary measure could be too great. Later the smog of ignorance would clear and perspective would return, but in those first hours visibility was zero. Every concern not directly related to Kennedy, Johnson, and Connally became superfluous. Even wives were expendable. Nothing could be done to remove Jackie, Lady Bird, and Nellie during the headlong dash to Parkland. The moment brakes were applied and tires stopped whining, however, they would be treated as women who were in the way and left to fend for themselves.

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    Yes, those are the wives he's talking about, so he's just expanding that thought in the next sentence. They were completely unconcerned about what happened to the wives of those they were concerned with.

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