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Why so many verbs end with " -거리다 " ??

What kind of meaning or containing of " -거리다 "?

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    When a word ends in ~거리다, it means that whatever is being done, is being done repeatedly. So:

    흔들다 = to shake
    흔들거리다 = to continually shake

    Although you can’t just add ~거리다 to every word to give it the meaning of ‘being repeated.’ Only certain words can use this ending, and you should consider words ending in ~거리다 as a separate word, not just a normal word with a special ending.

    In addition, some words only end in ~거리다 – that is – other than their ~거리다 form, there is no other way that they can be used. For example:

    머뭇거리다 = to continually hesitate
    두리번거리다 = to continually look around.

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