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If you have any ____ concerning this report please telephone the Planning Office.

A. queries
B. investigations
C. wishes
D. requires

Note: Is the answer A? I see “query” as a specific request to retrieve data from a database. What’s the difference between “query” and “question” if any thanks.

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    Yes, the answer is A.
    As for the difference between 'query' and 'question', I would think that 'question' is more general than 'query'. A query may be an inquiry or an expression of doubt regarding a technical issue (in this case something related to Planning). Sorry I can't explain it better than this,but I do hope that it helps!

    You are very perceptive and correct! In American English, the word ‘query’ is commonly used in the IT area: query the database, run a query over the file, etc. However, in everyday usage, we don’t use query as a synonym for question very often. In American English (AE), there are usually only questions (not queries - although we understand the word and would use it in formal writings sometimes to evoke a 19th century or elegant feeling)

    In British English, I believe that queries and questions are pretty synonymous, although queries tend to be "smaller" questions, I think.

    I questioned their motive. (AE/BE (British English))
    I queried their motive. (BE)
    I have some questions about this job/project. (AE/BE)
    I have some queries about this job/project. (BE)

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