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please check my sentence describing the diamond design. thanks

It has 17.32 carat diaspore setting on the 18K golden pedestal, surrounding by 1.62 carat smallish diamond and four pink sapphire.

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    It would be best to start by naming the item you are describing. In this case I assume you are describing a diamond. I would suggest the following:

    The 17.32 carat diaspore shaped diamond is set on a 18K golden pedestal, and surrounded by a 1.62 carat smallish diamond and four pink sapphires.

    I will say though, I am not sure exactly what shape is "diaspore". Are you sure this is the proper word to describe the shape?


    You began with a pronoun, now I'm wondering what "it" referrs to; you must use the noun before you can use a pronoun to replace it except when referring to the time of day and the weather. You are mixing singular and plurals, you are mixing active voice and passive voice, you are mixing "K" and carats, now I'm pretty mixed up! Other than those small things your sentence is great.

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