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Am i translate into English from Japanese correctly ? help

国民生活センターの加藤玲子さんは「これからも新しいエネルギー 資源で儲けようという話が増える可能性があります。変だと思ったら消費生活センターなどに相談してください」と話しています。

Mr Reiko from People Living Center said that due to new energy sources, the possibility of earning issue is increase. Please have a discussion such as consuming life if you think that the situation is worst.

Actually what meant by this 儲けようという ?

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    「新しいエネルギー 資源で儲けよう」is explaining 話.

    Reiko Kato from National Consumers Center said "In the future, as well as now, you will receive more and more business chance invitations to make a profit from alternative energy resources. If you think something is fishy, please consult with us(consumers center) or other places."

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