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how do i say in arabic "to team up on / join forces together against" ???

for example "they teamed up on me, joined together against me" , the meaning maybe in speech for example in a debate or possibly like 2 countries joining together against another in war.

I have for ينضم الى but I don't know if its correct ??

I look forward to any suggestions.

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    They joined together against me :
    اجتمعوا ضدي
    اجتمعوا معاً ضدي

    Hmmm there are some expressions each of which depends on the context, yes the most common one is اجتمعوا
    we also have تحالفوا
    if they were indivisuals we can use احاطوا
    one cannot refer merely to the fact that they gathered.. we often justify it , why they do so. if there were wicked intentions we use تآمروا
    or if that person was himslef the wicked one, we use تعانوا
    also they انضموا for one another to في التصدي
    if facing.
    والله اعلم :)

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