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Is there any difference between these three sentences, if it is so please elaborate

a) We have been so worried.
b) We are so worried.
c) We are so worry.

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C) we are so worrying.

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    'Worry' is a verb, so c) is incorrect.

    'We have been worried' means that 'we' were worried recently for a period of time, up until (but not necessarily) now.
    'We are so worried' means that 'we' are worried now, but makes no mention of the past.

    The first one indicates that you have been worried since some time in the past. The second means that you are worried now. The third one is grammatically incorrect.


    Yes, as above third one is wrong.
    The other two are verb tense issues - have been and are ... 'have been' meaning were continuously worried and perhaps remain so; 'are' meaning now ... the third one COULD be 'We worry so...' with worry as a verb, or 'We have such worry' with worry as a noun

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