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This was pulled from a passage called: 未来的房屋 (I translate this as "House of the Future"):


It's really the last sentence that's giving me trouble. I interpret this as saying

"There is also an interesting house called 'can't finish eating.' Why is it called 'can't finish eating?' Because the food inside the house has already been eaten."

Is that right? I feel like I'm missing something. What is the purpose of the 还有 at the end?

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    I think the better translation for "未来的房屋" may be "houses in the future". "吃不完" means we can't eat all of then, if you eat, it will produce again, so we can't eat all of them, this is analogy in Chinese, it "pretends" that the house is live, it can produce food by itself .
    I think it's very similar like our job, if you have finished your work at hand, your boss will assign more, until you quit the company. :)

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