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1 what is meaning this sentence please?2 what is difference between 看见&看&见plz?


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    when he saw a woodpecker,he said...

    "看见" mean saw, which means he or she saw sth and have noticed it.
    "看" generally means look, watch, see, read
    "见" means see
    p.s, some tips, single chinese character has lots of meaning and the meaning is vague and uncertain, better not separate it to learn, for example, the word "见", when it is with other characters, like "罕见" means rarely (to see), "接见" means meet someone, "见解" means someone's view of point towards sth

    1) "I saw and a Woodpecker and said..."

    2) Both 看and见can mean to see/look, but 看has more leaning toward look and 见more towards see. The saying in English "look see" is a direct transliteration of the Chinese 看见.
    Adding 见 to 看indicates that the action of seeing was successful. i.e. you looked and saw. The opposite meaning is 看不见-"I look but do not see".
    见is also added to 听in the same manner to mean I can hear. If you talk on skype and the signal drops off, you might ask 听得见吗?(can you hear me?)or tell the other party 我听不见 (I can't hear).
    Hope this helps and isn't too long winded!!

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