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Which one is correct ? .......or both are all fine. 教えてくれませんか ?お願いします

Today , I learned one of Japanese grammar....~ば~ほど ( the more...the more...)
for example : 見れば見るほど似てる

But at same time , I learned below two sentences :


The verb ”話す” ...should be changed to "話せれば" or "話せば" ? Which one is correct?
I google it ...seems both are correct ? Why ? Based on grammar , "話せれば" should be correct , right?
I am so confused....Please help~ Thank you.

For learning: Japanese
Base language: English
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    both of 話せれば or 話せば should be correct. It depends on the context.

    I am not sure what you are talking about in the two sentences because for me, both are sound a bit weird... maybe it should goes to like:
    日本語は"話せば" 話すほどやさしくなります(but what do you want to say やさしくなる?)
    言語の勉強"は"(no に)、話せば話すほど上手になるが

    Those two are not your sentences but that is from your textbook or something, right? Hmmm...
    Anyways, 話せれば means "I could speak", and it is also included your hope such as "もし".

    ex for 話せれば:
    (もし)英語を 話せれば せかいじゅうの 人と 話せる。(I am able to talk to people from any countries if I could speak English). That is your hope.

    On the other hand, 話せば=I speak
    ex for 話せば:
    日本人の 友達と 話せば きっと はやく じょうたつ する。(probably it could be faster to improve my Japanese language skills if I talk to your Japanese friend)

    So 話す would be changed to both 話せれば or 話せば.

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