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how do you say in korean

I love popcorn
do you love me
how are you
where have you been yesterday
where is (for a location)
what's your name ?

write it in hangul please thank you in advance
thank you very much for your time

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    전 팝콘을 사랑해요
    당신은 절 사랑해요?
    잘 지내요?
    당신은 어제 어디있었어요?
    .....어디 있어요?
    당신의 이름이 뭐해요?


    난 팝콘을 사랑해
    넌 날 사랑해?
    잘 지내?
    넌 어제 어디 있었어?
    ...어디 있어?
    너의 이름이 뭐지?

    They are in order :)

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