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help :'(

안녕하세요 여러분
what's the difference between :
저는 영어도 가르쳐요
저는 영어를 가르치기도 해요
i know we added the 도 after verb.. and one after the noun .. but whats the difference ? help plz

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    It's really hard to explain..
    저는 영어도 가르쳐요 would be something along the lines of,
    (Among other subjects) I teach English too. / I also teach English.
    Ex. I teach science [and English too].

    저는 영어를 가르치기도 해요 would be like,
    (I do other things but) I also teach English / I also have a job teaching English.
    Ex. I'm a salesperson but [I also teach English]

    It's kind of hard to understand out of context, but I hope this makes more sense.. and I hope I'm right .

    저는 영어도 가르쳐요
    저는 영어를 가르치기도 해요

    Uhm, the meaning is the same> I teach the english language.
    In first case the sentence is normal, But in second case, the verb 'teach' is tranformed in noun (adding 기 soon after) so it would be like "I can also do the korean teaching."

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