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How many languages can you learn?

I've noticed that many people here can speak, have learned or have been learning more than one language. I wonder how many is too many for one to do so at the same time?

I am putting lots effort on learning Spanish at the moment, but from this August I will have to start to learn Norwegian-- I live in Norway and I just have to learn the language.

I've always wanted to learn Japanese! But I am concerned whether it's practical to take on another one. Any mental people (who has a job! not a language student, nor doing nothing at home)out there who are learning 3 or more foreign languages at one go? And are you coping fine?

For learning: Spanish
Base language: English
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    You can learn all the languages that you want but each one has his own difficulties, so you gotta study a lot to really dominate a language.. Just go on and don't give up =)

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