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Should I learn from all Tamazight dialects?

I know the Berber languages are very regional, I have a number of documents in English-Tamazight and French-Tamazight, but is it worth using those sources that aren't from the exact region I usually travel to? Does the Tamazight dialect have significant variety that would make me misunderstood in the High Atlas if I learnt a dialect from, e.g. the Middle Atlas?

For learning: Tamazight
Base language: English
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    Hello even i am not a Berber, I was asking some friends Berbers one day when I was living with them here in Marrakesh; I have asked them the same question, my friend told me : no it could be hard to learn all "shalha" because they are many, it's better to concentrate in one of them, specially talking to someone, because Berbers is talking not only a language to learn. and he told me a way, every word i know in "shalha", i replace it in my spoken, and like that i do remember it well, and understand the logical of word using. So, I think it's good to look for a friend to teach you his or her accent in shalha, and as you are good in Moroccan, you'll be able to communicate with some of them who knows the Moroccan Arabic.

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