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if i want to say i don't know how to say/answer to others,how can i use some other expressions?can you supply me any?plz,thank you

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    I'm not familiar with that term. (is a way to say that you don't know a word)

    I think the phrase you use depends on why you can't answer. Did you understand the question but don't have the vocabulary to express your answer in English. Or do you need them to paraphrase ask the question a different way so that you can understand and then answer it?

    In a casual conversation with a friend or coworker you might say....

    "I'm not sure what you mean"-- if you don't understand, in general
    "I dunno that word" (exact translation: I don't know that word, but it's pronounced "dunno" in conversation)-- if you don't understand something specific
    "I can't think of the word" -- you understand but just aren't sure what to say
    "I'm not sure how to say it" --- (same)
    "I'm not sure how to put it" -- (same, difficulty in general rather than with a specific word)
    "That's hard for me to explain" -- you're not sure how to answer, in general
    "I don't know how to answer that exactly"
    "I understand, but I'm not sure how to say..."
    "It's on the tip of my tongue"--- this is a common expression people use when they know what they want to say but they can't remember the exact word they want to use.

    Hope that helps :)

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