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i cut mango...........simple present right this sentence in simple past tense and what is difference between both sentences

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    "I cut mangoes" is a habitual action, means you frequently do that. (मैं आम काटता हूँ). If we want to say it in past, we can say it like this "I used to cut mangoes" (मैं आम काटता था).

    "मैंने आम काटा" या "मैं आम काट चुका हूँ" दोनों का मतलब एक ही है, तो इसको हम English में एैसे लिखेंगे "I have cut mango". और अगर हम ये कहना चाहें "मैं आम काट चुका था" तब हम लिखेंगे "I had cut mango".

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