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Hello, I found that sentence in a blog but I don't know how to traslate it, how do you traslate it?

Hola, encontré esa oración en un blog, pero no se como traducirla ¿Cómo la traducirías tu?

Muchas gracias

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    口供 :

    故 對口供 是 關係人對質
    但是 所提問 "前度" 不似人名
    又可作 "前次" 解
    故作 "你可以把他這次說的話 他跟上次說的話 比較看看" 解



    confesión con su ex-novia, or just the opposite, you get into something, for an example, you broke up with your girlfriend, and she became your ex, then you get a new one, one day, she saw a photo which was taken just few days ,she thought you still date your ex, so she got really annoyed, in order to clearify that, you have to call your ex to make this clear (that this photo was taken when you still with your ex, you and your new gf have still not met yet), that's what we say 跟con前度(su ex girlfriend) 对对口供 (she say what she got and you confess what you have done or what you ever knew...)

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