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Help with hebrew translation?

There is a phrase that I've been unsure about. "אפר תחת פאר"
I was planning on using this is an art piece of mine (I am in college for art studies) but wanted to be sure that I had it correct before I began, especially since I am still a beginner in Hebrew.

It is supposed to mean "beauty for ashes" and I just wanted to make sure it was correct. Also, if I were to write it vertical, how would the word order change? any help would be appreciated!

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    This concept of Judaism. Ash Instead glory.
    Ash = efer - symbolizes destruction.
    glory = pe'er - symbolizes glory and honor.
    It's a play on words.

    Eg: Jewish wedding.
    The groom wouldn't put on tefillin, but- a bit of soil on his head.
    Tefillin - the glory. Soil - the ash. commemorate the destruction of the Temple.

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